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Hospital Insurance Plans

A hospital stay can be traumatic. Especially when you realize that the Medicare plan you have does not cover the first three to seven days that you are hospitalized. Many people find out they are responsible for $150.00 to $700.00 per day for those three to seven days. They find out months or years after they were put in a Medicare plan. No one finds out until they are hospitalized and the bill arrives. People find themselves with a bill from $1,500.00 to $4,900.00 for the days they were hospitalized that their plan will not cover.

When you have a Medicare Agent that works as a fiduciary agent, he puts your interests in front of his own interests. That is how I help all of my Medicare clients. If you are not sure if your Medicare plan covers your hospital stay 100% call us and let us review your Medicare plan to see if you are covered. If you are, we will tell you are covered. If you are not covered 100%, we will verify how many days your Medicare plan does not cover and how much per day you need to cover. I do not work for a specific company, I work with many companies. I will find the best hospital insurance plans in your area and explain your coverage options.

That's why it is very important to have a Certified Medicare Specialist as your Medicare Agent in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, FL and beyond. I have been helping people for many, many years to understand Medicare and I make sure they secure the Medicare coverage that is best for them. Nobody likes surprises, especially something like receiving a medical bill you are not expecting. Call and schedule a phone appointment at a day and time that is convenient for you and I will review your Medicare coverage and we will make sure you have the correct Medicare coverage.

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